"Margie Gillis is a pleasure to learn from. I have never come across such a giving and gracious being as Margie. She has so much to offer and never stops giving."
Springboard Alum

AboutMargie Gillis Dance Foundation, Legacy Project

Margie Gillis, Canadian modern dance icon and founding collaborator of Springboard Danse Montréal, has generously shared her artistry and passion with the project and hundreds of its participants since its inception in 2001. Her gifts as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and mentor continue to inspire generations of artists.

It is vital to the dance world that Ms Gillis’ methodology and body of work be honoured and shared with the future generation of dancers.

With this in mind and in discussion with Ms. Gillis, Alexandra Wells, artistic director of Springboard Danse Montréal, would propose a new venture: the Legacy Project/Projet Héritage. In 2015, the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation incorporated this initiative as a key component of its activities. Springboard curated the majority of the artists for the inaugural year from its alumni. Springboard is proud to have given impetus to the launch of this historically and culturally important project.

The Legacy Project dancers:

  • Adam Barruch
  • Laura Careless
  • Lindsey Renee Derry
  • Daphne Fernberger
  • Maggie Forgeron
  • Kate Hilliard
  • Ruth Levin
  • Teresa Marcaida
  • Troy Ogilvie
  • Susie Paulson
  • Makaila Wallace

To learn more, please visit margiegillis.org/legacy-project.