“[Springboard creates] incredible artistic relationships that have informed and evolved my work as a choreographer and director.“
Sidra Bell, previous Emerging Choreographer; Artistic Director, Sidra Bell Dance New York

Emerging Choreographers


Springboard Danse Montréal is committed to facilitating and showcasing the work of today’s up-and-coming choreographers. The Emerging Choreographer Program provides selected artists with elite dancers, 26 hours of studio space, and the opportunity to present work alongside our Principal Companies. In addition to this unique professional development, Springboard provides each Emerging Choreographer with the opportunity to engage with talented dancers who may become future collaborators in an environment that stimulates and facilitates the creative process.

Springboard Danse Montréal’s emerging choreographers have historically represented a wide range of both Canadian and international voices, highlighting the many perspectives that comprise our ecosystem. We believe that the dance community and world at large disproportionately favor the experiences, perspectives, and aesthetics of those from privileged backgrounds, leaving many stories untold and unwitnessed. In its selection of artists, Springboard does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, color, national origin, socioeconomic background or any other protected characteristic. We encourage all voices to apply.


Each year our selection panel is comprised of 5 highly-respected artists from diverse experiences, who identify widely across gender, race, and sexual orientation. Each panellist looks at every application. After reviewing the submissions individually, the panel convenes to methodically discuss and assess the work of each choreographer one-by-one. The evaluation process focuses on the quality and presentation of the artists’ work and their choreographic history, with a disassociation to their age, image and orientation in an effort to keep the selection process nonpartisan.


The panel looks carefully at the artist’s resume, artistic statement, written proposal, and the supporting video materials. Strong importance is placed on the clear and compelling articulation of one’s ideas – in both the choreographic and written form. The panel takes into consideration the artist’s experience working with large groups, the suitability of the proposed work for Springboard’s performance venue, and the compatibility of the work with our dancers’ interests and the overall the curation of the project.


  • 15+ dancers in your cast
  • 24 hours of rehearsal time with your cast
  • Access to morning studio space during the project (upon request)
  • Opportunity to create either:
    • 5-minute Proscenium work, or
    • 20-minute Installation work
  • Present your work at the final showing alongside 9 Principal companies from Canada, Germany, Israël, Netherlands, Norway, United States and the UK
  • 200+ invited guests at the final showing, including Presenters, Agents, Managers & Artistic Directors representing companies from Canada, the United States & countries from overseas
  • Free downloadable link to the video of the final showing
  • A chance to be selected for the EMERGE AWARD
  • $1000 stipend to assist with travel and housing in Montréal