The EMERGE Choreographic Award is a natural extension of our mission to connect artists to new opportunities, collaborators, and cultural organizations worldwide.

Emerging ChoreographersEMERGE Choreographic Award

Springboard Danse Montréal and Gibney Dance Company have launched a new initiative to support emerging choreographers: the GDC/Springboard EMERGE Choreographic Award.

The EMERGE Choreographic Award will be presented to one of the Resident or Emerging Choreographers from the Springboard Danse Montréal roster. The selected artist will receive commissioning support to create a new work for Gibney Dance Company that will premiere on a split bill program the following spring; mentorship through the creative process from a seasoned choreographer; and opportunities to teach classes and share their creative process through showings and dialogues at Gibney.

The inaugural EMERGE performance, taking place May 2 – 4, 2019 in the Theater at Gibney 280 Broadway, will feature New York City-based choreographers Chanel DaSilva and Bobbi Jene Smith alongside the 2018-19 EMERGE Choreographic Award Winner.

Gibney Dance Company Senior Director Amy Miller and Co-Director Nigel Campbell traveled to Montréal to participate in this year’s curation process. They spent time in all of the Resident + Emerging Choreographers’ rehearsals and attended the final showing of their work to hand-select this year’s awardee.


Springboard and GDC are thrilled to announce Los Angeles-based choreographer Micaela Taylor as our inaugural recipient of the EMERGE Choreographic Award!

Micaela Taylor will receive commissioning support to create a new work for Gibney Dance Company, which will be showcased in GDC’s Spring 2019 Season on a shared bill with Chanel DaSilva and Bobbi Jene Smith.

As the EMERGE Choreographic Award Winner, Micaela Taylor will also receive mentorship through the creative process from a dramaturge, and opportunities to teach classes and share her creative process through showings and dialogues at Gibney throughout the year.

photo by Sarah Prinz


“I am humbled to be chosen as the recipient of the Inaugural EMERGE Choreographic Award. After years of hard work and dedication, this Award gives me more motivation to keep striving to achieve all of my artistic goals. I know that this experience will only strengthen me personally and creatively.”

– Micaela Taylor

photo of Micaela in creation at Springboard 2018 by David Gonsier

We are thrilled with the selection of Micaela Taylor as our first EMERGE recipient. Each year Springboard curates 7 choreographers, Resident and Emerging, from around the world. It was exciting to witness Micaela this summer in the creation of a new work for 16 dancers. She commands the space as a leader and has an exciting original voice. We believe that she will benefit greatly from the professional mentorship offered by Gibney and its stellar team. Congratulations, Micaela!

– Springboard Artistic Director Alexandra Wells &
Associate Director Merryn Kritzinger

After traveling to Montreal this past month to witness rehearsals and performances by seven deserving Resident and Emerging Choreographers, we were most activated by Ms. Taylor’s capacity for creating an environment that simultaneously prioritized physical rigor, responsive musicality, and individuality around a collective form. Micaela’s sensibilities represent the future of the field and we are so excited to support her early work and encourage her tenacious vision moving forward.

– GDC Co-Directors
Nigel Campbell and Amy Miller

With EMERGE, GDC and Springboard Danse Montréal hope to cultivate, mentor, and actualize the burgeoning visions of today’s young artists toward becoming tomorrow’s creative leaders in the field. It is a natural extension of Springboard’s mission to connect artists to new opportunities, collaborators, and cultural organizations worldwide. EMERGE highlights the continual expansion of Gibney Dance Company’s mission: from its beginning 27 years ago as a vehicle for the choreographic vision of its Founder Gina Gibney, to then welcoming re-stagings and new commissions from a wide range of guest choreographers, and now creating a platform to provide visibility, resources, and space to rising voices in the community.

This three-part opportunity for emerging artists—to create new work on world-class dancers, be seen in one of the most exciting venues in New York City, and be mentored by a dramaturge—makes EMERGE one of the most comprehensive support platforms for new choreographic talent in the field.


Micaela Taylor is a professional dancer/teacher/choreographer from Los Angeles, CA, where she trained at Marat Daukayev School of Ballet and Los Angeles County High School of the Arts. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance, 2014. She has worked and performed with Ate9 Dance Company, Zoe Scofield, Camille A. Brown, Kate Wallich, & BODYTRAFFIC. Nonetheless, her choreographic passion led her to found Los Angeles based contemporary dance company, The TL Collective in 2016. Her individual movement style of Hip Hop combined with contemporary technique has led her to find a new way for people to move which is best described as Contemporary/Pop. Alongside the launch of The TL Collective, Taylor has been commissioned to choreograph and teach by LA Contemporary Dance Company, AMDA College, Springboard Danse Montreal, MOVE(NYC), Cal State Long Beach, and Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre. Her work has been presented by Gelsey Kirkland Performing Arts Center, ACE Hotel, Raymond Kabaaz Theatre, Grand Performances, and Odyssey Theatre Ensemble.


With an unrelenting focus on artistic excellence and social integrity, Gibney Dance Company co-creates an environment where dancers are activated towards their full artistic, entrepreneurial, and socially-minded selves through rigorous physical, intellectual, and interpersonal practices.
GDC is a creation-based repertory company that performs the work of Founder Gina Gibney as well as internationally renowned guest choreographers. GDC’s full-time dancers, known as Artistic Associates, embrace a broad spectrum of activities – in the studio, on stage, within our organization, and throughout the community. In addition to performing, Artistic Associates facilitate hundreds of movement workshops each year for survivors of intimate partner violence; offer healthy relationship dance assemblies to high school students throughout the city; and each company member develops programming addressing pressing issues in the dance field, such as cultivating long-term diversity, connecting artists around the globe, and empowering dancers with financial literacy training.

GDC’s vision is to expand the current dance company model into one which acknowledges the many facets of expertise that dance artists offer our world. The uncompromising work ethic, creative problem-solving, and empathic negotiation implicit in successful dancing can create positive forward movement in the arts field and beyond. We see this comprehensive model as a way to not only cultivate the next leaders of the field, but to provide a concrete example of the wide-reaching relevancy of artists in our society.