“[Springboard creates] incredible artistic relationships that have informed and evolved my work as a choreographer and director."
Sidra Bell, previous Emerging Choreographer; Artistic Director, Sidra Bell Dance New York

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Springboard Danse Montréal 20th Anniversary Edition

June 5 – 25, 2022

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Emerging Choreographer Danielle Russo (2012) | Installation at Place des arts, Montréal; Photo: Fito Pardo

Previous Emerging Choreographers

These editions were cancelled due to COVID-19

Brittney Canda, in collaboration with Telescope Films | Canada
Ethan Colangelo | Canada
Emma Evelein Dance & Choreography | Netherlands
Hannah Garner/2nd Best Dance Company | USA
Maddie Hanson | Canada


Jason Mabana  | Belgium
Lior Lazarof | Israël
Parts+Labour_Danse / David Albert-Toth & Emily Gualtieri | Québec
Simona Deaconescu / Tangaj Collective | Romania
Vanessa Goodman / Action at a Distance | Canada


Mark Caserta | United States
Rachel Erdos | Israël
MA•ZE/Kristof Varnagy & Emese Nagy | Hungary
slowdanger/Taylor Knight & Anna Thompson | United States
The TL Collective/Micaela Taylor | United States


Jasmine Ellis | Canada/Germany
Elia Mrak | USA
Michael Getman | Israël
Ryan Mason | Germany
La Tresse | Montréal
Eva Kolarova | Montréal
Guy Shomroni & Yaniv Abraham | Israël


Jasmine Ellis (Canada/Germany)
Belinda McGuire/Belinda McGuire Dance Projects (Canada/USA)
Elia Mrak/los porcupines (USA)
Shumpei Nemoto (Japan)
Andrea Pena (Canada)
Spenser Theberge (USA)
Chuck Wilt/UNA Projects (USA)


Banning Bouldin (New Dialect)
Brendan Duggan and Mallory Lynn (LoudHoundMovement)
Hanna Kiel (Human Body Expression)
Heather Myers
Evangelos Poulinas (Eleftheri Ptosi)
Colleen Snell (Frog in Hand)
Yin Yue (Yin Yue Dance Company)


Bryan Arias
Jonathan Campbell et Austin Diaz, MADBOOTS DANCE
Sarah Chiesa
Jeremy Galdeano
Katharine Hawthorne
Helen Simoneau
Tom Weinberger


Former Emerging Choreographer (2008), and 2013 MacArthur grant recipient, Kyle Abraham named Dance Magazine’s “Man of the Moment”

Abraham_in_motion article image

“Pounding the Pavement”: Montréal Gazette article on former Emerging Choreographer Kyle Abraham

In 2008, Abraham created an installation in Montreal for Ballet Divertimento’s wonderful Springboard summer dance session. He became friends with one of Springboard’s founders, Alexandra Wells of New York’s Juilliard School. Since then, Wells has offered her comments on all of Abraham’s creations, including Pavement.

“She really gave honest feedback — what was necessary or needed more work. She can give me performance notes where maybe someone else would be afraid for whatever reason. She really goes there with me and tells me what is and isn’t believable, where I can take more time and where I take too much time.”