7 Choreographers.
1 Exceptional Showcase Opportunity in the heart of Montréal's arts centre.
Free Entry for public.

Emerging ChoreographersPlatform

In a special partnership with Place des Arts established in 2015, the Resident and Emerging Choreographer Platform showcases our Resident and Emerging Choreographers at the l’Espace Culturel Georges-Emile-Lapalme in the heart of Montréal’s Place des arts. This is a rare opportunity for these artists to present their work in one of North America’s most prestigious arts venues.

This annual event takes place during the first week of Springboard Danse Montréal. The excerpts of existing work are performed by either the choreographers themselves and/or by their collaborators.

Platform 2018

Centre Culturel Georges-Emile-Lapalme | Place des arts
Vendredi 15 juin // Friday, June 15 | 17h30 – 18h30

Emerging Platform 2017

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Centre Culturel Georges-Emile-Lapalme | Place des arts
Vendredi 16 juin // Friday, June 16 | 17h30 – 18h30

Les Chorégraphes emergents 2017 // 2017 Emerging Choreographers
Jasmine Ellis (Canada/Allemagne // Canada/Germany)
Elia Mrak/los porcupines (États-Unis // USA)
Michael Getman (Israël)
Ryan Mason (Allemagne // Germany)
La Tresse (Canada)
Eva Kolarova (Canada)
Guy Shomroni & Yaniv Abraham (Israël)