Introducing a new Fellowship designed to provide equitable support to BIPOC artists.

Springboard’s new fellowship program is designed to provide support, residency, financial, marketing, and mentoring resources within our global network to BIPOC choreographers. Beginning in 2022, the program will support the artists’ practices as part of the Springboard Emerging Choreographers Program in Montréal and will strive to uplift the Fellow’s artistic endeavours throughout their Fellowship year and beyond. We look forward to curating to the desires of each Fellow, each year.

Image of Daina Ashbee, by Patrice Mathieu
photo by Patrice Mathieu


Image of Alanna Morris-Van Tassel, by Bobby Rogers
photo by Bobby Rogers


This initiative is supported in part by our new NYC dance community partner Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation and its Chez Bushwick program. Our new supportive partner is thrilled to pool, share, and distribute resources to address targeted inequities in the wider dance field.

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A New Partnership with Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation

Dava Huesca nominated as first Springboard-curated recipient of Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation AIR Founder’s Residency

We are honored to announce that Springboard Danse Montréal and Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation have partnered up to provide nominated Springboard artists with residency opportunities at Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY. Springboard will nominate 3 artists in 2021, once per residency cycle.

This new partnership opens another channel to connect our Springboard artists to career-development opportunities. We are grateful to Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation for the invitation to join them in this collaborative initiative!

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Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation
Dava Huesca