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SpringboardX 2017 | ICONIC WOMEN

Maxine Doyle – Margie Gillis – Bobbi Jene Smith

In November 2017, SpringboardX presented its second Fundraising Workshop + Showing in NYC – ICONIC WOMEN – in collaboration with Gibney Dance

Thank you to the artists, performers, staff, dancers, and volunteers who made SpringboardX | ICONIC WOMEN possible!

We would like to extend a special thank you to the VIP Donors of our
SpringboardX | ICONIC WOMEN fundraising showing:

Lisa Chowansky, Janet Eilber, Barbara Fahringer, Patricia Fisher, Elizabeth Keen, Sacred Dance Guild & Lakey Wolff

SpringboardX 2016 | Euro Dance Theater

Shannon Gillen | Evangelos Poulinas | Johannes Wieland

We held our inaugural SpringboardX workshop + showing, Euro Dance Theater in New York City, in collaboration with Gibney Dance in November, 2016.

The workshop was led by Springboard Danse Montréal artists Shannon GillenEvangelos Poulinas and Johannes Wieland, whose company work was presented to the public at the showing held at the close of the workshop.