"Through Springboard I have met the people that have been instrumental in shaping the beginnings of my professional dance career, and I am most grateful for that foundation."
-Lea Ved, dancer with RUBBERBANDance Group


Read what some alumni and former Emerging Choreographers are saying about Springboard Danse Montréal …


“Springboard’s vision to advance the art form and provide networking opportunities to choreographers, directors, and dancers is unparalleled. The connections I made there will last a lifetime, and the inspiring experiences I had with fellow makers and dancers from all over the world have already begun to shape my creative process. Springboard is a rare organization that devotes itself fully to the needs of its artists, while clearly pointing to the future of the art form with integrity and ingenuity. I am grateful for every moment of the three weeks I spent there.”

– Banning Bouldin, Emerging Choreographer 2015

“Springboard is a place that holds a rare air. Insanely skilled and passionate artists come from all over the world to work together in a positive, intense, and supportive fashion. It’s basically the most refreshing yet productive summer escape, and I’m grateful to have established unforgettable relationships that have really supported and cultured my career as a dancer.”

– Catherine Ellis Kirk, Springboard Alum 2015
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“Springboard is the reason why I found a home in Montreal; personally, artistically, and professionally with RUBBERBANDance Group. There, I am surrounded by high caliber artists from around the globe, and am involved in a process, structure, and intensity that is most relevant and informational to the current state of contemporary dance. Springboard provided me invaluable opportunities to work and meet with both emerging and established artists as a resource for future freelance and company work; a network of people that I have remained connected with far beyond the three week program. Through Springboard I have met the people that have been instrumental in shaping the beginnings of my professional dance career, and I am most grateful for that foundation. Thank you Springboard!”

– Lea Ved, Springboard Alum 2012

Conor Doyle (Punchdrunk; 2015 Principal Company) writes:


“Springboard Danse Montreal is an invaluable opportunity for dancers to be seen by a plethora of established dancers and choreographers but possibly more importantly by their peers. It gives the participants a chance to make creative alliances, putting them in a room with a group who may be otherwise unknown to them. It’s a wonderful chance as someone who hires dancers to see people in a range of circumstances which you simply don’t have time to do in an audition situation.

We have a long history of hiring dancers who have been participants in Springboard Danse Montreal and hired four performers as a result of our time this summer.”

“Having had a ten year history with its radiant dance community, making the full circle back to Montréal this past June where I participated in TheMargie Gillis Legacy Project and shared my solo show POR∙TRAI∙TURE with Springboard Danse Montreal and my José Navas/Compagnie Flak family was incredibly significant to me. Having mentioned my idea to José Navas and Alexandra Wells about my wanting to organize a studio performance of my solo show POR∙TRAI∙TURE while in Montréal, I was completely overwhelmed with surprise and gratitude when they both placed their organizations-José Navas/Compagnie Flak and Springboard Danse Montréal-forward as co-presenters. José Navas, whom I danced for at Compagnie Flak for many years and Alexandra Wells who first introduced me to the company, have been longtime mentors and supporters of my artistic journey. As an internationally renowned solo artist, José Navas was the major inspiration and role-model for my launching L i n s d a n s, the platform for my solo work and choreography.”

– Lindsey Renee Derry (L i n s d a n s), Springboard Alum 2007

“[Springboard creates] incredible artistic relationships that have informed and evolved my work as a choreographer and director.” | “[Springboard is] an ecosystem in which international artists working in the dance medium can connect, collaborate, coexist, and create new language.”

– Sidra Bell (Artistic Director Sidra Bell Dance New York)
Sidra Bell and Sidra Bell Dance New York have been an integral part of Springboard Danse Montreal for many years.

Springboard Founding Collaborator Margie Gillis writes:


“Springboard Danse Montreal, as everyone knows, is an extraordinary well curated 3 weeks of bliss, hard work and passion. The vision and expertise of Alexandra Wells touches and enriches all that fall in her umbrella of wonder. So many of us are grateful to the wisdom and hard work behind creating Springboard. These 3 weeks a year change our lives; articulating and opening paths forward in the dance. Springboard creates a deep network system of support for all of us, dancers choreographers, teachers, visionaries. See you there!!! Love to the hard working team who make Springboard happen.”

“Springboard is a rare program which fosters an inspiring and invigorating community for hungry artists that lasts long after the program is over. It was so special arriving on the first day, to feel the buzz of excitement in the room and have it only continue to grow till the end. The staff, choreographers and dancers alike create a supportive and collaborative environment which provides a safe platform for artists to take risks, be challenged and learn from those around them. I’m so thankful for the time I had at Springboard and the people I met there this year.”

– Rebecca Margolick, Springboard Alum 2015

“I had the pleasure of experiencing the magic that is created at Springboard Danse Montreal as an emerging choreographer in 2013. To be immersed in such a rare, creative melting pot of world class artists was one of the most important working and learning experiences of my career so far. The people are wonderful, the city is an all time fave – a gem of an opportunity to be involved.”

Robyn Mineko Williams, Emerging Choreographer 2013

“I would confidently say that the connections that I made at Springboard Danse Montreal (namely with Susan Gaudreau who was rehearsal director at BJM – Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal at the time) absolutely got me my first job out of college. I kept up with Susan in the years between attending Springboard and graduating, so when I was done with school she let me know when contracts would be opening. Montréal continues to be one of my favorite places in the world. Great food, amazing music and art, kind people, and a truly Canadian winter. I should add that Montréal also inspired me to take a chance on being a freelancer which worked out very well in large part because of developing a creative relationship with Aszure Barton & Artists during my time at BJM.”

Andrew Murdock, Springboard Alum

“I attended Springboard Danse Montreal for two Summers and found it to be an incredibly diverse and expanding experience. It is a rarity to be able to have exposure to so many choreographers, companies, and processes and it greatly enriched me as a dancer. Since founding my company based in New York, I have traveled to Springboard each summer to hold auditions and have hired many of the talented dancers that participate in this fantastic program. Springboard is an amazing resource for companies and choreographers to have access to high caliber dancers who are looking for work.”

– Austin McCormick (Artistic Director Company XIV), Springboard Alum

“I would absolutely not be where I am without the connections I made at Springboard Danse Montreal. I met my long time director and collaborator Austin McCormick, who gave me the opportunity to develop the various crafts I celebrate today. I fell in love with Company XIV as a job and a family and have been more creative and fortunate since our introduction through the program.”

Katrina Cunningham, Springboard Alum 2012